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Growing garlic is like being pregnant.  You put it in the ground 9 months before you harvest the bulbs.  We always jokingly call our garlic my first baby because I started 5 years ago with just 5 lbs and we have grown that to 100 lbs.  Woohoo!!  We eat more garlic than anyone we know and love every bite of it!  The scapes that the garlic produces in the spring are a huge treat to us. The time to harvest scapes is approaching us fast and I wanted to be sure to get this out to everyone so you can be prepared and know what to do with all those scapes.

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We eat them every way you can imagine, and then some! We fry them in anything that could have garlic, we make pesto, we pickle them, we freeze them to have in winter, we add them to soup stock and soup, and we make GARLIC SCAPE POWDER! It is amazing! Garlic powder doesn’t stand a chance. If you like garlic and have your own scapes or can get some at a farmers market you need to make this!

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First, you need to harvest or buy your scapes.  We cut ours once they have a completed loop.  Not just because they’re the prettiest this way, but they will continue to grow if you cut them before they curl. Yes, I really load mine up on my arm while I’m cutting.  Wash and cut into approximately about 1/2 – 3/4 inch long .  Place them in a single layer into your dehydrator and turn it to 125*  I fill our 9-tray Excalibur and it takes 1 day to dry out.  I bet if you don’t have a dehydrator you could use the oven on the lowest setting.  I don’t know the details of this but I’m sure it could be done.

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Once you have them dry them its time to powder them.  I use our magic bullet with the flat blade. You could use whatever you have coffee grinder, food processor, or mortar and pestle.  Then put into a container and label.

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Have more garlic scapes to use? Try Pickled Garlic Scapes  or Fermented Garlic Scapes and check out our Garlic Scape page on Eating Inside the Box!

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22 thoughts on “Garlic Scape Powder”

  1. I LOVE her garlic! She made me the garlic scape powder once and it was great for flavoring and plus the the anti-viral benefits. Oh my goodness!!!! Eat up!

    1. Thanks Diane! Yes I’ve made you this and you loved it! I’ll have more for you this year! I planted 2700 last fall!!

  2. Very interesting idea! Never even thought of making powder with the scapes. We don’t plant that much garlic, so the scapes we do get are quickly used up in stir fries. But thanks for the great idea!

  3. No, I’ve not made garlic scape powder but love my garlic scapes stir-fried. Will be making some this year though, thanks to you!!

    1. Glad I could bring this to your attention Mike! We think it is superior to regular garlic powder! And the flavor is so great we still have frozen scapes in the freezer this year because we use the powder instead of pulling out the scapes! Let me know what you think if you make it!

  4. My sisters and I really like our garlic too! I could eat it in like every main dish. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this at the Healthy Tuesday Hop!

    1. Thanks Becca! I think we do eat it in every main dish now! Between garlic cloves, frozen scapes, and garlic scape powder there is not much we don’t add it too!

    1. Yes buy them! As soon as you see them! They have such a short season get as many as you can! Can’t wait for you to try them powdered!

  5. Lindsey,
    Thank you so much for allowing me to include the link in my garlic scape recipe round up! This looks terrific, and I’m keeping my eye out for a dehydrator now.

    1. Absolutely! It’s a great round up, I’m lucky to be included! Yes, you need a dehydrator there is so much you can do with one especially if you make your own herbs and spices!

  6. This is an exciting, new project for me to try. I love garlic but I have never used the scape. I am so delighted that you shared this recipe for garlic scape powder with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and
    Natural Party Blog Hop! We appreciate it!

    1. Thanks Deb!! Yes, the scapes are amazing! Let me know if you try them! Thanks for hosting and for the feature! Greatly appreciated;)

  7. LOVE this idea! Last fall, just for the grins of it, I planted a row of garlic after reseaching the subject up one side and down the other. Come frost time, we mulched it up really well, not really expecting to much. This spring we got nearlly every one up! 93 in all! I really needed this idea with what to do with the scapes! I plan on planting a lot of garlic in and around the whole garden as in is very good for chasing so many bad bugs away and giving good flavor to so many of the things we plant. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Rachelle! That’s awesome! Great job! There is nothing better than fresh garlic and scapes! Keep planting every year and it will expand fast! Figure it grows by at least 5 every year and your right it is wonderful not just for the body but for our gardens too!

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