Memorial Day Workend!

Well it’s raining!! The perfect end to a perfect extra long workend here! Haha! We all know weekends are really workends on a homestead! Well here’s a workend update!

asp 053

This is the last of the asparagus! Maybe in a few years we will actually grow enough that we can preserve some.  As for now, we eat it as fast as we can pick it! We did plant some Mary Washington this weekend.

rhubarb 027

The first batch of rhubarb was ready to be harvested! There was too much to plant this workend to do anything other than prepare it for the freezer. I put up 5 quarts!

eggs 049

Our ladies are laying nicely! They are still seperated but behaving now! We still have our mean chickens.

pigs 034

Our rototillers have managed to excavate their entire area in one week! They will have a new one soon!

dirt 043

We prepped, planted, and watered our four gardens with help! They are 30×30, 40×50,40×70, and 60×80. Yes, we grow a lot of our food! Almost all of it!

4-1-14 051

These are garlic cloves from the root cellar! Yes, we ate them! Yes, they were amazing! Yes, that’s my hand!

garlic 022

The garlic is doing awesome again this year! And that garden, for 2700 bulbs, is 40×50 also.

See you next Workend!

What did you work on?

Did you get your garden planted? Are you harvesting anything yet?

Did you get a project done around the homestead?


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8 thoughts on “Memorial Day Workend!”

  1. wowzers!! Looks like you have it all going on over there! I have never seen such HUGE garlic! but it was full of awesome flavor too. I love your rototillers too – is that what they do normally? So then what, you go in and plant a garden there when they are done? Do little rototillers need anything specific or just what is already growing in the spot you plunk them? I have read about a special garden planting for chickens but haven’t really seen much on piggies.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s a lot! I’m pretty proud of my garlic! It is exactly what pigs do if you don’t ring their snout. We are planting cover crops after they excavate an area and we move them to a new spot. They will eat all the roots and tubers in an area which is why they are great rototillers. Pigs still need to be fed, they eat a lot. We will supplement with more veggie scraps as the season progresses but for now we give them an 18% protein feed that they mix for us at our local mill.

  2. I didn’t know garlic could even look like that! I smell like garlic right now, because I am killing a cold (and maybe small intestinal bacterial overgrowth because I am working on that too!)

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