Why I stopped using body butters!

I don’t get very much time alone(period) As the mom of an 19 month old and a 1 month old, there are a ton of things I no longer have time for.  Body butters as a way of moisturizing is one of them.  Even trying to butter up at nap time makes for slippery wake ups.  But I still need to moisturize my skin!! What is a girl to do? Well instead of almond oil, I added Coconut Oil to my Epsom Salt bath and voila! Two for one! The kind of time saving I need in my life! Detox bath and nourished, moisturized skin! Honestly, I don’t think my skin was ever this nourished with body butters!

*Do be mindful.  Coconut Oil can make your bath tub slippery.*

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1 cup Epsom Salt

1 TB Real Salt

1 TB Baking Soda

1 TB Coconut Oil

 3-5 drops Lavender Oil

1 cup Whey (if you have it)


You can mix all these (except the whey) together in a bowl or measuring cup and then put into pint glass jars so they are ready when you need them or for gifts.  Or just add them separately to your bath.  Don’t worry if you don’t have all the ingredients.  Even just Epsom Salt alone will do wonders for your skin and health.

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How to use;

You can utilize this as a bath or even a foot soak if you’re lacking a tub.  You want the water warm/hot so that it feels good to your body.  This will also help the salts infuse the water.  At least 12 minutes is the rule but feel free to soak as long as you’d like! At least 3 times a week is optimal but even if you know your only going to get one, get in there! It also helps your muscles so much.  If they are fatigued from the garden, work, kitchen work, working with animals, or the gym this bath with help them feel rejuvenated!

Do you use Epsom Salt baths?

Have you tried using Coconut Oil in your bath?

How do you moisturize without loading on chemicals?

PS. Yes, that is my tub!  Yes, I did the tile work! Yes, that is my trade!


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15 thoughts on “Why I stopped using body butters!”

  1. sounds so relaxing and refreshing!! We are starting a relaxation link up, starting June 4 and running for the month. If you remember pls bring this back to link up. Bring enough bath salts to share! 🙂

  2. Sounds excellent!!! I have been making my own lotion for a few years now, which is so much fun! I love all the different scents I can make, and they feel so much better than all those nasty store bought lotions! Yuck! Although if you have time for a bath, this would definitely speed up the process. (Since I already use your recipe for the bath soak) :o) Love it!

    1. Thanks Kim! Yes, you must try it! It is SO much fun to make your own body butters if you can squeeze it in. I’ll probably only be doing baths for the rest of the season. Maybe in winter I’ll have to try again;)I need one now, it’s been 4 days. Too long!

  3. This is a wonderful idea. I am a new lover of coconut oil, but never thought to make a bath butter out of it! I have been cooking with coconut oil for awhile now, and recently started using it in place of deodorant. Each day I’ve been scooping more out of the jar, slathering it on my arms and hands. My hands have never felt so loved and happy. Yay for natural moisturizer…I am done with lotions forever. Great post, so glad I found you at the Home Acre Blog Hop! http://homefront.prudentliving.com/homeacre-hop-72/

    1. Thanks Andrea! Coconut oil rocks! I also give these baths to my 19 month old and haven’t had to lotion him up since! Yay! One less thing to do at bedtime! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Ha! Sorry Kristen! My bad! Not whey powder but whey as in a milk byproduct from cheesemaking and such! When I make mozzerella or ricotta I add that whey to my bath. Since it has been cooked it no longer has the vital essentials to use in ferments but is still amazing to nourish the skin! Hope this helps!

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