Pastured Eggs

These are three different kinds of eggs. I wanted to show everyone why raising our own eggs is really worth all the effort.  I know we’ve all read how much more nutritious the eggs are and we know how great they taste, but can you also see a difference?

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Here’s our egg experiment group.  The white egg is from the grocery.  The brown egg is from friends who raise their chickens with just feed.  The green eggs is one from our flock, pastured and supplemented with feed.  Drumroll please!

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Look at the difference!!! The grocery egg is yellow and small.  The feed egg is a little oranger and medium size.  But look at that pastured yolk!! Orange and large! You can see how it also holds its shape more than the others and is substantially fatter! So there it is folks, the reason we go through the work of pasturing our eggs!

You can judge a healthy hen by her yolks!

Do you have your own layers?  Do you purchase pastured eggs?      Do you think the eggs are worth the effort?

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17 thoughts on “Pastured Eggs”

    1. Thank you! Our pasture has clover, kale, dandelion, rape, and tons of grasses. Right now, because it is so hot, all of these are going to seed and the chickens could not be happier. With that and all the bugs they devour each section in just a few days. I’ll put some pictures up next week so you can see! Pastured eggs are SOO much better!!

  1. thank you for this post. I do not own hens but I convinced my fiance to build me a chicken coop as a wedding present 🙂 I buy eggs at the grocery store when I am in a hurry or if I am going to use only egg whites. But I get eggs from a local farmer if I am going to be eating the yolks too and for baking. Such a difference in taste. So much richer and delicious.

    1. Thanks Maria! That is the awesomest wedding present I’ve ever heard of!!! Are you going to do a mobile coop or stationary? Having your own chickens and eggs makes a huge difference, I’m so excited for you! They love all the garden scrapes too! Especially those pesky tomato worms!

  2. I agree that pastured eggs are by far the best. Our chicken roam and forage for food all day long. We always have feed for them but it hardly gets touched. They dig in the compost pile, follow the lawn tractor as it spits out bugs and even come to the porch everyday looking for handouts. We love our chickens but even more love their eggs!

    1. Thanks Tracy! That’s awesome! I wish we could free range! We’re going to try electric netting a huge area with our new chicks! We just have so many predators on the prowl!

  3. Very cool to see the comparison side by side. We have our own chickens – 11 hens and a rooster. 🙂 There is absolutely a difference in the quality of eggs from store bought to pastured. Yes, eggs are absolutely worth the effort. Chickens are so easy to take care of, and full of personality too.

  4. That is really cool to see the difference in them! I have a friend who went off to collage who’s family raises chickens and she won’t eat the eggs that they serve there, she says they taste like plastic after the ones she had at home! Lol <3

  5. Have you ever done this comparison in the winter? My sister had chickens growing up, so I was familiar with the difference between farm-raised and storebought eggs. But when I tried this experiment recently (with eggs bought from the farm where we get our raw milk; we live in the suburbs and don’t have chickens), there was no discernible difference. I wondered if maybe it was because there’s little “green” to be eaten in the winter to provide the chickens with vitamin D. (I know pastured butter is yellower in the summer when green grass is abundant.)

    1. Thanks Rachel! Yes, we have! We give our chickens all our table scrapes in the winter. In the summer the pigs get most of then. But your right they aren’t as orange, none of them are. It’s like they all lose a couple shades in the winter, but there is still a difference when comparing ours to just fed feed and grocery!

  6. We let our chickens into our fields every day at 2 because we found they laid outside the coop if we late them out earlier. They all go scrounging into our alfalfa fields and it makes me so pleased to know that we will be getting all those good, green nutrients in our eggs. Thanks for sharing at the Art of Home-Making Mondays 🙂 Please join us again next week!

    1. Thanks Jes! Chickens are so funny aren’t they?! Their eggs are amazing! How big is your alfalfa field? Do you also dry it for your tea? Thanks for hosting! I will be there Monday!

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